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From one side of the world to the other, I bring jewels from countries across Europe and NYC into your personal collection. Welcome to my world of sparkles! I am here to curate collectible fine jewelry for you! Before I get to the good stuff - the jewelry - let’s get to know each other better! My name is Laura, but you can call me Luna! Some of my favorite things besides jewelry are sushi, Cheetos, tea, dogs, and traveling! You can find me spreading my time out between Mexico, Spain, and the States, but my home base is in NYC. One of the best parts about starting my company has been all the lovely friends I have met along the way, and I hope we become friends as well!

Jewelry is my greatest passion! It is much more than just an object. I have always felt a deep connection to jewelry. To me, it symbolizes generations of love and history. Whether a piece is old or new, it provides me with confidence and joy. Every item listed will always be something I personally love and would keep for myself (sadly, I can’t keep everything). I will never sell anything that I'm not totally in love with! Hopefully, I can help you find that special piece you have been searching for. I promise you will see some of the most unique pieces in my shop!





Gold Lovin' Girl was created as a passion project during the Summer of 2020 and it's now in full swing. Since I was a child, I have had a deep passion and love for jewelry. The history and emotion behind each jewel connects with me on a spiritual level. I know that jewels carry stories with them through time, and being a small part of the story is such an incredible thing. Gold Lovin' Girl is home to jewelry from all eras and styles! Most of my antique/vintage pieces are sourced from Spain and New York City and each of my antique/vintage pieces is carefully chosen. I offer the best of what is out there. All original Gold Lovin' Girl designs are inspired by my life and what I think is missing out there in the jewelry world.

All of my original designs are made here in New York! When I'm creating original Gold Lovin' Girl designs, I know that I am crafting an heirloom piece that will be a part of someone's collection and family history forever. For this reason, I make every single piece with love and great care. I have the most incredible goldsmith bring all my designs to life, and the result is always beautiful and long-lasting. When you buy from Gold Lovin' Girl, you are buying from a small female-owned business that works with local artisans and other small stores. You are supporting people who are doing what they love to bring you something you will love! 

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